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Nourished Lungs Make for a Stronger Respiratory System

The lungs perform a vital set of functions for the body. Responsible for taking in oxygen into the body and expelling carbon dioxide, a strong pair of lungs make everyday tasks far more comfortable. Like any other organ in the body, the lungs need specific nutrients to operate at their full capacity. In order to support lung health, the Lung & Bronchial formula provides an all-natural boost of vital nutrients.

Lung Health

For all people, young or old, respiratory health is a strong indicator of their overall health. For those that have difficulty breathing, it’s hard to get through simple daily tasks without discomfort. Giving the lungs and overall respiratory system proper nutrition is an easy way to maintain good health.

Like all body systems, the respiratory system has its own set of nutritional needs and supporting health habits. The Lung & Bronchial capsules give the lungs and respiratory system the nutritional support it demands to function at peak performance. In an easy to digest formulation of herbs delivered in a vegetarian capsule, the Lung & Bronchial formula is a smart daily dietary supplement.

Enjoy a More Full Life with Healthier Lungs

Living with a compromised respiratory system creates a lot of problems. Simple tasks, like walking to get the mail or climbing a flight of stairs can become difficult. Some people may even need to consider using supplemental oxygen for part or all of the day. On the other hand, when the respiratory system is healthy, the body enjoys increased endurance, more energy, increased mood, and the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks without being inhibited by breathing difficulty.

Support Lung Health

  • Nutrition for the entire respiratory system
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Daily herbal supplement

Daily Supplementation for Healthier Lungs

Christopher’s Original Formula Lung & Bronchial capsules provide a true synergistic blend of herbs that were chosen specifically to give the respiratory system proper support. Taken daily, and paired with healthy habits, the Lung & Bronchial capsules will become a key part to anybody’s respiratory system health.

Improve lung health and enjoy a more lively body, a more capable body, and the ability to grow in strength and endurance through life.

Marshmallow Root, Mullein Leaf, Chickweed Herb, Pleurisy Root, Lungwort Herb & Lobelia Herb in a Plant-derived capsule.

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Results may vary from person to person.